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GraphN - Node-based tools creation in Maya

Hi there!

It's been a few years since I've released a new Maya plugin; all the publicly available ones (Quick Pipe, Mesh Blend, ADN Modeler Tools) have become free of charge since then, and today I am excited to finally show you GraphN, our first software at Polygonflow, and a solution to so many plugins requests many of you have sent me over the years.

GraphN is a visual programming software that is tailored for artists (and tech artists) to help them create tools on the fly, automating every boring task that comes in their way without having to spend months learning to code.

Polygonflow is now a team of 16+ people, and I can't thank you all enough for your support throughout the years. My hope with GraphN is that you'll be able to create the tools that you bought from my gumroad page in minutes, and share, sell or do whatever you want with them.

At its core, the software leverages the Python programming language, along with a custom library that makes python blazing fast, with zero compromise on usability for artists or technical artists.

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Stay safe, and have a great end of year!

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