Mesh Blend 1.25 Beta

Adnan Chaumette
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Mesh Blend is a kitbash modeling tool that allows you to manage your kitbash assets, place them on selected faces and blend them directly onto your source mesh. The idea behind it came from the Polystein Kit of Modo.

Currently works with Maya 2016-2018, on Windows only.

The blending option works both on curved and non-curved surfaces, and seamlessly bridges the gap between your source geometry and the kitbash object.

Support :

The installation process is pretty simple :

- Download the .rar provided once you've puchased the tool

- Drag and drop it's content into your script directory :


- Then call the script in Maya with the following command line :

source "AMT Mesh Blend/MeshBlend.mel"

And that's pretty much it ! From there you can click on the "How it works" button in the UI to have a better understanding of how the tool works :)

 This is still a beta so expect a few bugs on the road, and if you do get them please send me a report on this email :


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Mesh Blend 1.25 Beta

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